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A collection of packages to work with graphql server in dart and flutter.

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GraphQL brings many benefits, both to the client: devices will need fewer requests, and therefore reduce data usage. And to the programmer: requests are arguable, they have the same structure as the request.

This project combines the benefits of GraphQL with the benefits of Streams in Dart to deliver a high-performance client.

The project took inspiration from the Apollo GraphQL client, great work guys!


This is a Monorepo which contains the following packages:

Crate Description Version
graphql Client implementation to interact with any graphql server Pub Version (including pre-releases)
graphql_flutter Flutter Widgets wrapper around graphql API Pub Version (including pre-releases)

Utils Tools

Around graphql_flutter are builds awesome tools like:

  1. graphql_flutter_bloc
  2. graphql_codegen
  3. graphql-cache-inspector


✅   Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions
✅   Query polling and rebroadcasting
✅   In memory and persistent caching
✅   GraphQL Upload
✅   Optimistic results
✅   Modularity
✅   Client-state management
⚠️   Automatic Persisted Queries (out of service)


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This package was originally created and published by the engineers at Zino App BV. Since then the community has helped to make it even more useful for even more developers.

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!

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